Friday, April 7, 2017

Have You Had Your "A-Ha" Moment?

We made a big deal of this idea at the beginning of this journey--that it was a developmental process.  Just as your students will understand a concept in their own time, so will you--understand the National Board certification process.

We asked you to be patient with yourself and allow your understanding to build as you read your standards, began your tasks, analyzed your data...

You will have an "a-ha" moment.  Some people have their moment in February or March of the first year.  Some people have theirs about the time they are submitting their work.  That's why I like the 1-3 year window for completing this process.  If you haven't had your moment, then you are not halted in the middle of it--you have another year to think and plan and grow.  I've heard about a concept sort of like this in elementary education.  Maybe looping or maybe multi-age classrooms.  Or maybe it's just being learner-centered.

So, I was talking with a candidate who said, "I think I've had my a-ha moment."  I remember when I was in my cohort for my first certification.  One of my cohort members had her moment in late February.  We could tell she understood the process in a way we didn't.  We were sort of jealous.  There was nothing she could do to hurry us along.  But I'm thinking it's kind of like when the other first graders start losing their baby teeth--you'll be cutting adult teeth soon, too!  When the first leaf changes color, the rest rapidly follow.  And then, there's that Young.  Green.  Leaf.  still on the tree at the beginning of December.

Who cares?  Just enjoy your own journey.  Try to enjoy your process.  Enjoy your time to invest in your kids and your teaching.  Don't pull out your own teeth-- or your hair!

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